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项目(Item) 数据(Data)
认证(APPROVAL) CE                  CQC
产品间距(Pitch) [mm] 2.5
极数(Poles) 02-12P
额定电压(Rated insulation voltage) [V] 250
额定电流(Rated current) [A] 5
额定连接容量(Rated connection capacity)(solid/stranded) [mm²] 0.2-0.5
过压类别/污染等级/绝缘材料组别 II/2/I
(Surge voltage category/pollution degree/material group)
额定冲击电压(Rated impulse voltage) [KV] 2.5
电压(Voltage) [V] 150
电流(Current) [A] 4
额定连接容量(Rated connection capacity) (solid/stranded) [AWG] 26-20
通用数据(General data)  
阻燃等级(Inflammability class)UL94 V0
环境温度(Ambient temperature) [℃] -40~+105
相对湿度(Relative humidity) 5%-95%
抽样检验标准(Inspection standard) MIL-STD-105E II
允收水准(AQL) 0.65
保质期(Warranty) 12 months
材质和电镀(Material and  plating)  
绝缘材质(Housing) PA66
触点材料(Contact) Copper alloy,Sn plated铜合金,镀锡
弹片(Spring) Stainless steel,不锈钢
接线方法 (Wire connecting)
推荐剥线长度8mm; Recommended stripping length 8mm;
For solid wire,  stripping wire to the appointed length ,press button and insert the wire.
For stranded wire: stripping wire to the appointed length, mating with corresponding type of ferrule, then tightening with rated torque.

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