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Attention for terminal blocks while using

 The structure of the terminal block is a metal sheet, which is wrapped by insulating plastic, and is used to connect the wire. Due to its good connectivity, the terminal blocks are widely used in all aspects of the industry. AOSI electronics constantly adjusts the performance of the terminal blocks according to needs, and pursues more convenient and safer connection components.

When the terminal has not yet appeared, the connection of two components is often connected by winding the wire repeatedly, and when it is necessary to disconnect the wire, the wire has to be untied. This is a very tedious and time-consuming task, even sometime, the wires need to be welded together, which greatly increases the workload, and is also a lot of hidden dangers of insecurity. Nowadays, the wide application of terminal blocks makes life much easier, more delicate. There are many styles of terminal blocks, and there will be different structures according to different needs. For example, the common styles in AOSI Electronics include plug-in type, barrier  type, spring type, and wall-through type.

In the application environment with high current and strong voltage, we use barrier-type terminal blocks which can effectively protect the safety of personnel under such circumstances, and also can provide more effective and reliable links. Once you meet the crimping and threaded self-locking design, it is the rail-type terminal block, which can be used with a variety of accessories, such as short-circuit strips, baffles, etc. Generally, on the construction site, the wall-through terminal is more commonly used, because its insulation performance is better.  Therefore, some wiring steps can be reduced or omitted directly, which is constantly changing. In the working environment, it is more important to choose suitable terminals.

Of course, any product has a service life problem, and the terminal is no exception. There will be some obvious matters, such as contact, fixing, and peeling of insulation. Therefore, it is necessary to learn to solve these problems in time. We can adopt instantaneous detection, single-hole separation detection, conduction detection, etc. At the same time, we also need to conduct other technical inspections to prevent other potential problems.

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