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 As the main product line of AOSI, the PCB series terminal blocks can be divided into two categories: fixed type and plug-in type. They can be used respectively: screw connection, PUSH-IN spring connection, cage spring connection and insulation piercing connection. According to the needs of different industries, we can provide a variety of specifications ranging from 2.5mm-15.0mm and wiring capacity from 0.5mm2-35mm2.
1. The spring terminal block solves the problem that the equipment and modules in the industry tend to be miniaturized, the functional requirements of the equipment and the increase in the number of wiring points, and the conventional PCB plug-in products cannot meet the needs of customers. 2. Under the same size, it can have more connection points than conventional plug-in products. Double-layer design maximizes the number of connections in the same space.

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