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How does Euro terminal block realize the wiring function?

 How does Euro terminal block realize the wiring function? It uses up and down movement of the screw to achieve the purpose of loosening and tightening, and realizes the crimping function. The basic unit is 2 and 3 positions/ways/poles/pins, which can be realized by splicing 2-99 positions combination. The product plastics used by our company are high-quality insulating materials. All metal parts are made of high-quality brass, bronze and high-quality carbon steel. In order to better protect the conductivity of the metal, the metal surface will be plated with tin, nickel or zinc.

European-style terminal blocks can be divided into screw terminal blocks and lift terminal blocks. They all use screw connection methods, which are convenient, firm and safe and reliable in connection. The products are mainly used in industries such as inverters, rectifiers and communications.

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